I have been researching scalp micropigmentation ever since I started wearing a buzz cut 3-4 years ago but could not find anyone in Kentucky to do the procedure. Then I found Theresa Judd online and discovered that she was in Louisville! I made an appointment and went to Louisville to meet Theresa. Theresa is very warm, friendly and makes you feel like she’s known you forever. She is very thorough, professional and went above and beyond when doing my procedure. I had previously been using hair makeup which would rub off onto my hats, tops etc. but no more. I no longer have to worry about applying the makeup, avoiding the rain, or going to the gym and sweating. Theresa did an outstanding job and I could not be more pleased. I also have gotten lots of compliments from people about my new look. They don’t know exactly what I did but they like it! Thank you Theresa for giving me back my confidence!!!!!! 

Connie S.

The service I received from Theresa was excellent, she is very professional, reassuring, and calming. I ‘m am usually afraid when it comes to any kind of procedures, but not with Theresa. Permanent Eyeliner has made life so convenient, I can go swimming without having to worry about my make-up smearing. The eyeliner looks so beautiful and natural. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Khahlidra L

Hi, Theresa, you did my eyebrows four or five months ago and I never called you for a retouch because they are so perfect. I just wanted to thank you. I did not think they would turn out as well as they have. I was very nervous, but they look so realistic. My dermatologist even commented on how good they look. I really felt like you went out of your way to make me feel comfortable, to choose the perfect color, and to make sure I would be happy. Thank you so much! When I need a retouch I will call you. 

P. Baker

Firstly, I want to tell you just how happy my new eyebrows and lips have made me!!!! I thank God and fate for leading me to you and your wonderful services. You truly are an incredibly talented artist. I also want to thank you for putting up with my pickiness. I am a freak about my eyebrows and have always wanted perfect ones. Now that I have found you, I have finally made that dream of perfect brows come true:) My lip color is receiving a gazillion million billion compliments from everyone. I find that I am very proud of the work you have done and instead of hiding it from people, I am telling them all about it and all about you. I really feel that everyone should know about permanent cosmetics, it has made an immense difference in my life. Many people have many different insecurities that can be fixed through your work, I just wish they knew that they can be helped. My self confidence has reached new levels. When it comes to eyebrow and lip perfection, your price is worth it.

Yasmin A.

Dear Theresa,
I love my “new” eyebrows! I am ecstatic with my new, perfectly shaped, eyebrows! You are a perfectionist in your work; and I sincerely thank you for that; you truly have a special gift. Now, if I can only stop looking at them! : )  
My sincere thanks!

Linda S.

I had no eyebrows! They either didn’t grow at all or grew in a shape that didn’t compliment my face. I was spending countless hours penciling them in everyday and they never came out even. With three kids & two jobs, I just didn’t have the time! Ever since Theresa performed her permanent cosmetic procedure on my brows, I can’t believe the difference. I can swim, jog, sweat, shower, or even decide not to wear make-up at all, and I always look great! She was so patient and professional and really took the time to customize my eyebrows to the exact shape I desired. Now, I wish I had done it a long time ago. Thank you so much Theresa!

Holly J.

Just wanted to let you know my lips look great! They came out exactly as I wanted! You are truly such an artist! 
All the very best! 

Vicky G.

I’ve had so many great compliments on the work you did! It looks fantastic!!! Thank you for your time, patience, and talent!! 

Karol Q.

I had a plastic surgery procedure called Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid skin removed). The surgery left my eyes unable to close and very asymmetrical. I had an additional thirty surgical procedures done by an ocular plastic surgeon just to get back most of the symmetry to my eyes. These additional surgeries killed the eyelashes follicles at the mid to outer ends of my eyes. I was no longer able to wear mascara or curl my eyelashes. My eyes really looked very washed out and “beat up” from all of the surgery. My eyes really needed permanent corrective makeup.
I tried a couple of makeup tattoo artists. I was very dissatisfied with the out come of their work. They just did not have the slightest idea of how to make me look better.
What I needed done was; the eyeliner needed to make both eyes look the same, the eyeliner had to be wide enough lines to look like I had eyelashes and dark enough so that I looked like I had makeup on, yet the eyeliner had to be natural and open up the eyes softly.
Then I met Theresa, she did all of these things for my eyes. Theresa gave me back my confidence that my eyes now looked like any other women’s eyes. I no longer felt self conscious about the way my eyes looked. Theresa made my eyes look beautiful!

Marilyn L.